Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Project 5: sculpt (v. sculpt·ed, sculpt·ing, sculpts ): To shape, mold, or fashion especially with artistry or precision

Through our investigations of the sun’s quantifiable direct projection into a space through an aperture, (or a series of apertures) and the experiential result of that projection, we began to understand the rays of the sun as being modifiable “objects.” Our device, attached to the existing double-hung window, is one sculpted by, as well as having the ability to sculpt sunlight. Direct sunlight coming into the room was sculpted such that at any given time, a number of light tunnels either shattered or scattered the sun’s parallel projection. Our light tunnels were sculpted such that at any given time a certain number of them would allow the true projection of the sun, coming through the existing window, to hit surfaces in that space.

Following an extensive study of the constantly shifting sunlight projection in the space, we were able to set up parameters that guided us in defining the individual light tunnels that made up the whole installation. The understanding that was imparted on us through those studies enabled us to form our light tunnels such that direct sunlight, projecting through them, can be seen as expanding and contracting (i.e. breathing) over time.

Each light tunnel was attached to a CNCed plywood frame on site. The geometry of each light tunnel enabled only a small number of variations in terms of how each individual part would create a whole—much like puzzle pieces creating the overall image.

We see this installation as an initial study or experiment that would, hopefully, give us clues on the way we are able to manipulate light in the vertical farm. Perhaps through further empirical observations and modifications, we will be able to use the installation as a tool to move forward in a more specific manner.

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