Sunday, March 15, 2009

Project 3: Light Tracing

Our installation's goal is to bring a re-awareness of the existing ambient sources of light by emphasizing the shadows cast by a series of nails set into the wall. The shadows are only perceived at a zoomed-in scale. We created a new surface to our site's wall with the quilting pattern that the shadows create, the reflective tips of the nails that capture light from different angles, and the nails themselves. The pattern created is also a large scale "drawing" of the light conditions during the days we hammered.
The condition we found to be the most interesting was the way that each nail was installed dictated the shadow it created. In this way each nail installed is directly related to the one in front of it and the one behind it in the sequence. Creating a chain of events across the wall, with each nail becoming a specific moment in time that is related to our body position, position of our hand holding the nail and elevation on the wall the nail is placed.
Each day we regenerated the pattern by striking a vertical line of nails spaced 1" apart and then from there tracked the light throughout the day. We usually started sometime around 8am and ended around 5 pm. However this all depended on weather.

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